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         The Global COVID19 Pandemic caught nearly everyone off guard - no matter where in the world they were. Governments were quick to reevaluate their public healthcare systems on the fly, and in many cases, were forced (in a good way) to adopt progressive technologies or the benefit of citizens, residents, and guests. However, in nearly ALL cases, Governments realized that the fastest connection to their citizens and the way to ensure that their citizens remained safe and informed was through mobile devices. 

MOST Nations around the world (especially those outside of Europe and the United States) with significantly less money

         Since the COVID19 Global Pandemic, Americans, especially those in lower socioeconomic areas, have been faced with choices that have put into focus the responsibility of the local, state, and federal governments. In the early months of the pandemic the Federal government dithered on stimulus payments for needing Americans, however, was quick to develop aid schemes for businesses (Cares Act and PPP) to help churn the economy. However, the minimal amount of stimulus and one-sided benefit to businesses ignored the fact that the Pandemic was/is a public health(care) related problem. 


         State and Local Governments (have) largely escaped their responsibilities to their residents despite being the main source of government provided services. People need(ed) food and shelter, however, to contain the spread of COVID19, people need(ed) reassurance that if they were to contract the virus, that they will have some base level of care available for them. This prevents people from “taking a chance” and going to work; threatening everyone. It is now known that this was the leading reason for of continued transmission.


         Healthcare is expensive, which is why people bypass it. However, this expense is artificial. It is discriminatory and it is rationed.

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