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Our Platform Explained


A "community" is more than just 'brick-n-mortar' buildings.

     A community is a collection of people who've chosen to live in a single place and who have a vested interest in the collective success of one an other. But a community cannot flourish unless it supports the overall health of its residents. 

     Unlike various other Virtual Healthcare Services (MD Live, Amwell, Teledocs, etc.) WL WELL VHS's approach is different. We embed with communities: city, and municipal governments who understand that there is a connection between the health of the community (success) and the health of the community (residents). To do this, we have modified our platform so that it connects the local healthcare community. This benefits all stakeholders. Local residents are then able to enjoy a friendlier, more familiar healthcare option that is quick, efficient, and much more equally accessible.

   WL WELL VHS "the Platform" provides 3 community enhancing functions:

  • Provide Virtual Urgent and Specialist Healthcare from the convenience of your smartphone

  • Provide Mental Health Emergency Response Services (Emergency Services Beacon - ESB))

  • Provide 988 Mental Health Emergency Response and Dispatch System (Complementary to ESB)

   The integration of these 3 functions we call the Connected Care Cooperative.

         The Connected Care Cooperative is a municipality supported relationship to connect all participating local medical services providers under a common mobile platform. Therefore, all local residents have access to (i) virtual urgent care; (ii) mental healthcare; or (iii) in some cases, specialist care before the need to visit a local ER or Urgent Care facility. Because the real issue is "ACCESS." And because it is tied to a community or municipality, residents are more likely to use it. Local communities are happier and healthier.


The Emergency Services Beacon (ESB) and American School Shootings

     In the United States, school shootings are an embarrassing symptom of our violent culture. The only thing worse is how American law enforcement responds to active shooter events in our schools.

During a recent test of our ESB system, we discovered that the locator function for those needing mental health emergency response services could be used by school children in an active shooter event. This is important because a major problem law enforcement seems to have is knowing where exactly children hiding in place are located.

     In cooperation with local school districts, the ESB system can be a useful tool in saving lives; and if deployed in Uvalde or Santa Fe, Texas, many school children's lives could have been saved. For this, we have currently lowered the registration age to 13 to allow school districts to use a modified version of our 988 dispatch system for mental health related services for students. It is this system that allows law enforcement retrieve students for faster evacuation. We are offering this system for free to partnering school districts.

Untitled design-40.png

Select Urgent Care Providers

Select Specialist Providers

Appointment Notifications

Appointment Position

Choose between English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole

Patient Log-in/Registration

Provider Log-in/Registration

"Toggle" over device

Emergency Services Beacon (ESB) for non-Police Mental Health Emergency assistance.

ESP Log-in button

*Apple iPhone and Samsung frames are for illustration purposes only.

Step 1.

Have an Apple iPhone/iPad or Android phone or Tablet

Step 2.

Take your device and go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and enter: "WL WELL VHS" in the app search section or click HERE. Download it.

Step 3.

After making your language selection at the top, select the proper user button (patient/doctor) and begin your registration. You will encounter your first level of security during pre registration.

Step 4.

Patient users, after registration, can select a corresponding provider from the state where they are "currently located." Provider registrants must await verification and completion of the onboarding process.

Step 5.

Patient-users can select amongst a list of urgent care doctors and advanced practicing registered nurses (nurse practitioners) for a whole host of nonEmergency urgent care needs or a licensed mental health counselor for a private therapy session.

Benefits of using WL WELL VHS

  • See a doctor from the safety of your home,

  • Be seen faster,

  • HIPAA compliant,

  • Cost from $69 (Avg in-person urgent care visit between $150-$300),

  • Get a prescription quickly,

  • NO Memberships or Insurance needed!

    • Avg. Urgent Care Telehealth visit with insurance is between $75-$99.​ (Still more than WL WELL VHS)

*WL WELL VHS is user-friendly. Even the least technologically literate person can navigate their way to care in less than 3 minutes. Adult children worried about their parents will have no concerns about their parents using WL WELL VHS for their Virtual Urgent Care needs. 

Download for free

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