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Introducing the

Emergency Services Beacon

         As an Urgent Care platform, WL WELL VHS has developed an answer to the question: "Who do you call, OTHER THAN THE POLICE, during a
Mental Health Emergency?" 


One in four fatal police shootings involves a person with a diagnosed or undiagnosed mental illness. 

Mental Illness is just that, an illness; a medical condition. Yet, the way most communities across the United States have chosen to address those suffering from unexpected emergency episodes is to dispatch untrained and unprepared "armed" police officers. This most often results in disaster.

WL WELL VHS at its core is a Virtual Urgent Care (Telehealth) Platform. What better way is there than to treat these unexpected, often minor Mental Healthcare Emergencies like Urgent Care visits? Through a mobile virtual dispatch system.


         The Emergency Services Beacon is a revolutionary way for individuals, family and friends, or even good samaritans to request immediate help without dispatching police officers, who often criminalize "odd" behavior, rather than identify the signs often associated with mental health breakdowns.

         The ESB is not a "slight" towards police officers, but a purposefully built alternative to dialing 911. The ESB system also establishes the perfect compliment to the newly passed National Suicide Hotline Designation Act of 2020 [S. 2661] which designates '988' as the new dial-in number for mental health emergencies. The ESB allows state and local governments to devote resources for the general health, safety, and welfare of its residents and guests in the manner best for them to be received: by Mobile.

Jacob Peterson, Zane Terryn, Robert Coleman, Stacy Kenny, Alfred Olango, Ricardo Muñoz, An

ALL were being treated for mental illness and all were killed by police officers dispatched to "help" them.

Walter Wallace, Jr. Philadelphia, PA 2020

Landon Eastep  Nashville, TN 2022

Amelia Baca  Las Cruces, NM 2022



Emergency Services Provider

Emergency Services Beacon

  • Local licensed and trained Mental Health Emergency Specialist.

  • Available for emergency calls or "Response Team" visits.

  • Not a member of an armed Law enforcement agency*.

  • Part of a Private or Municipal Agency (*ESPG)

  • Service User taps ESB icon and selects recipient of services.

  • The location of the recipient is entered, and brief description of the needed services entered.

  • Once the request is made, an available ESP either returns the call or the ESP Response Team is dispatched to the given location.

  • The user is notified of the Response Team's ETA on a map appearing on their screen.

  • The Service User survives the encounter and receives the help they need.


*Some municipal ESPs may choose to have law enforcement accompany them on ESB calls.

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Scan or tap to Download

The Emergency Services Beacon is currently onboarding municipal and Private Service Providers. Contact WL WELL VHS for more information.

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