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WL WELL VHS, along with public and private partnerships is delivering care to underserved urban and rural communities through our: 

Virtual Hospital System


Rural and Urban Communities share equal Healthcare access problems

Aside from cost, access to adequate healthcare and healthcare technologies are amongst the greatest obstacle to a healthier America. For that reason, WL WELL VHS, working with business community, religious institutions, and local healthcare professionals, has created a first-of-its-kind Virtual Hospital System whereby partnering location owners 

  • Register and answer a few questions about your visit.

  • Select one of hundreds of board certified providers ready to care for you.

  • Submit pictures, records, or anything necessary to assist your chosen provider.

  • Your chosen provider will connect with you via private video conferencing.

  • All visits are confidential and HIPAA compliant.

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*Example shown is translated in Spanish.



Urgent Care Visits



Mental Health Counseling


Urgent Care Services

Most Treated Conditions

Sore throat and stuffy nose| Allergies| Cold and flu symptoms| Skin irritations| Pink eye| Respiratory infection| Sinus problems| Ear infection| Urinary tract infections| Birth Control| and much more.

Mental Health Counseling

Therapy Related Services 

Communicate with an available Licensed/Certified Professional Mental Health Counselor from your State to help you process the difficulties and obstacles in your life. Typical therapy sessions are between 35-45 minutes. Allowing for emergency. 

Specialist Care

Medical Condition Specific Services

Whether its Pediatric care, Elder care, or our growing list of specialists from partnering clinics and medical offices, WL WELL allows users the ability to schedule appointments up to 7 days in advance; to prevent the weeks long wait to receive care.

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WL WELL is DEDICATED to the eradication of healthcare discrimination and medical racism that plagues American Healthcare.

For that end, ALL of our providers share in our goal to deliver

EQUAL care to ALL users, no matter their ethnic background or skin colour.

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